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If you want to build lean muscle mass, let this be a general rule. You will first find out the amount of calories you are taking in per day to maintain your current body weight with your work out plan. Then you will add on 500 calories to your daily intake for 2 weeks.


Athlete A maintains a weight of 85kg working out 4 times a week while taking in 2500 calories per day. If he wanted to gain lean muscle mass he would increase his daily calorie intake to 3000.


After 2 week intervals you can observe your results and adjust your intake accordingly. If you have gained lean muscle mass or there is no changes, increase intake by another 500. If you’re losing definition or are gaining excess body fat, decrease intake by 200.


Changes after 2 weeks can be difficult to see visually. Along with scales, skin fold callipers can accurately measure body fat percentage and a measuring tape can measure the size increase of certain parts of the body.


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