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In order to have good lifestyle and healthy body a combination of both active physical activity and well-balanced diet are needed. It is surely frustrating to see little to negligible changes in our physiques even after consecutive work out routines. If this happens, we have to pay more attention to our daily dietary intake or diet. We might be eating more without recognizing it.

Appetite is the body’s desire to eat. This could be affected by hunger or even our psychological “need” to eat. We stop eating when we feel satiated. Satiety is the feeling of fullness. We need to outsmart our body when feeling hungry by consuming high satiating but low in calorie foods to prevent weight gain. There are various strategies we could employ in order to take in filling yet low-calorie foods.

Increase water intake– Nowadays, promotion of more water intake in the form of beverages and soups is becoming extremely popular. Most people confuse dehydration with hunger. Drinking water throughout the day fills your stomach making you feel full and preventing unnecessary eating. Additionally, several studies proved the claim that eating soup as preload or meals prior to main meals effectively decrease hunger, increase fullness, and reduce subsequent meal intake .

Eat More Quality Protein – It is a proven fact that solids provide higher satiating power than liquids. Aside from the form of food, satiety can also be affected by the nutrient composition of foods. Several studies revealed that dietary protein gives higher satiety due to its mechanism on appetite-linked hormones. Furthermore, protein gives energy and helps build muscles in order for us to lose more body fats . Enhanced protein meals and shakes could be consumed to attain increased protein intake.

Increase fiber intake - Fiber is a kind of carbohydrate which our body couldn’t digest. Since fiber isn’t digested, it does not contribute calorie to your body. Furthermore, it adds bulk in the digestive track regulating the absorption of nutrients and release of energy. Increasing fiber in our diet promotes fullness since it delays gatric emptying . Fiber is found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and unrefined grains.

Practice small but frequent feeding – The key in maintain satiety and reducing appetite without gaining weight is having small but frequent meals. According to recent studies conducted, increased eating frequency effectively increases metabolism. Additionally, it improves glucose and insulin control and reduces appetite. Thereby, also reducing your body weight .

Exercise – Due to severe sweating and feeling of tiredness, some people think that exercise could make them eat more. Alternately, exercise actually decreases our appetite since more blood goes to the muscles rather than the digestive tract. This makes us feel less hungry.

Losing weight is not easy. Introduction of exercise and proper diet is vital in achieving our body and weight goals. Following these guidelines in keeping your body satiated and reducing your appetite will surely help you in becoming the better version of yourself.


Anne Rose P. 

Registered nutritionist dietitian


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